Monday, December 24, 2007

Baking and tradition

I just read a friend's post about what she is baking today and I thought I would add to the list of what is being invented at our house today.

Yesterday, I did 4 hours of cookie baking. Unlike many homes, Christmas cookies were never apart of my family memories of Christmas. I was telling this to Jim yesterday and he was a bit surprised because my family bakes a lot. My aunt and uncle do a lot of holiday baking, and maybe that's why it isn't a huge part of my immediate family's Christmas tradition. And yet, talking to my sister the other day, baking calms both of us and we really enjoy it.

So yesterday, I made chocolate muffins, chocolate mint fudge, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (thanks Betsy for introducing me to the notion), peanut butter chocolate bars, and oatmeal craisin cookies. The best part is that I only had 1 cookie the whole day! I made these because Jim gets cookies every place we go, and I realized that could be making better cookies at home - and I would enjoy doing it. Plus, we are having a huge get together this evening.

This morning, I baked apple spice beer bread and my made up garlic, herb and cheese bread. I have unleavened bread in the fridge, which I will bake later. I made bread for the gathering tonight and I have chicken noodle soup in the crockpot, tomato and bean ready to go, and pureed split pea with ham in the fridge.

It is no secret that my favorite meal is bread and soup. So, before and after the Christmas Eve service we are hosting a soup and bread supper. We are expecting probably 20 people - and I am looking forward to it.

Tomorrow, I just have to bring meat for a family brunch, and like my friend we are having lasagna for supper at Jim's parents house.

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