Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday Five

Every Friday, a blog I read (REVGALBLOGPALS) asks people the Friday five... and I am excited to start this tradition on my blog.

Share five memorable moments of 2007

1. Deciding I wanted to marry Jim - while our wedding day was obviously memorable, I think making the decision that I wanted to marry him which happened in January was more life changing.

2. Going to Palestine with Christian Peacemaker Teams in January was an experience that helped launch my 30th year in the way of justice and peace.

3. Enjoying accompanying one of my students to the hospital, helped me understand my pastoral presence in October.

4. Hiring an assistant director in June - and allowing myself to have supper at home more often.

5. Whenever I make Jim laugh, he makes me laugh all the time - sort of his mission in life (he can give more info if he wants) but when I make him laugh - it makes my day.

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