Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Krista has a life

As I was standing in a used music CD store yesterday, I realized a change that Jim has made in my life. Before I got married or actually before I got serious with Jim, my evenings were packed with either meetings, commitments, or I just planned to do more work in the evening. I usually only had one night at home a week. I loved my life but I often joked that I didn't have a life.

With Jim around and the fact that I want to be with him most nights, I work better during the hours that he works, and I have lessened my outside commitments in the evenings. I don't remember ever saying -no, I can't do this or that because now I am married- but I have less meetings and make less plans for the evening.

That allows for some free nights to say go out to eat and then go to several stores that we had been meaning to go to - threadless, which is just opened a hard store after being on the internet for 8 years. And then we just happened on the used music store - which I tend to go crazy.

I just read an article about non-profit executive directors retiring and people my age having no interest in taking over because of the long hours and no life. This is also something I have heard about teaching - people aren't as willing to make their job their life. Now, I am far from not being defined by my job. However, I think falling in love with Jim made me realize that I wanted more than just my job! I think it is an interesting shift to think about in society that apparently is living itself out in my life.

The place we went out to last night was Kuma's Corner at 2900 W. Belmont. It was a Check Please find. You can see their menu here. Jim liked his burger, and my make your own mac and cheese filled me up in about 5 bites - it was rich, better for cheese lovers than me - Jim worked on it a bit, and then is eating the rest for lunch! We would recommend it.

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