Sunday, March 16, 2008


I am watching a DVD of America's Test Kitchen that came through Netflix - I am working my way through it. Yesterday, I was thinking how it would make a good funny quiz....What ATK personality are you? Julia, the funny loving chef that seems to enjoy ribbing the host, Christopher Kimball. Bridget, the no nonsense chef who is all about the business of cooking. Are you the host, Christopher? Or what about the every so often other chef that presents one recipe and then is never to be seen again...Or are you Adam the testing equiment guy? Or the taste test guy?

I think I am Bridget, but I want to be Julia.

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Alyzarin said...

If it helps, I have always thought of you as Julia (even before I read this post)!

I think I'm (Amanda?) the pastry chef, just because she always sounds a bit tentative and maybe a little ill at ease. She likes the test kitchen, but I'm not sure she likes the camera. I'd be like that.