Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Yesterday, I went to student led rally. A teenager had a great shirt on. The snappy slogan was “Where I Come From” and the picture was a family picture. It was awesome! I was thinking of how I would describe where I come from.

Of course, my family would be on there – Mom, Dad, Betsy and the rest of the Dutt/Beam clan.

Maybe a picture of a Christmas Tree farm, a two stoplight town, and maybe the church on Christmas Eve with all the candles

Maybe my most improved writing award in 3rd grade, and maybe my “My Sister” book I wrote in 1st grade.

Then maybe a picture of college, seminary would be less buildings and more about the people I met.

My family of friends, my new family in Jim, and a picture of my staffers as they become my kids for the summers and on.

However, how do I describe this split personality of being a girl in the ‘hood and my obvious not belonging – that may be the most hard to describe or even understand.

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