Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Seeing the mayor

So this morning, I was walking back to an agency and I saw a press conference being set up. Cameras and reporters from all three main news stations in Chicago were there - I assumed they would be in place for the 11 am news - I was right. Around 11:05 the mayor pulls up and takes the stage they had set up and announces that he is now an affordable housing advocate.

I listened and didn't believe very much of what he said - but I was impressed that I was 100 feet from him. Daley is huge (Chicago politics are huge), Daley is way too powerful in the city and probably the country. I was wondering to myself if I would feel that impressed near other political figures that I don't think too highly about....I am certain I would want to throw rotten tomatoes on certain ones, and I didn't have the urge today.

Others, like my senator Barack Obama, I would want to be a groupie! Ask Jim if he wants to share the wedding bet we had about Barack!

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