Thursday, June 7, 2007

Racist Quiz

Find out how racist you are



Taking it like a man said...

I got this:
Your data suggest little to no automatic preference between African American and European American.

WOOHOO for secular progressives!

Taking it like a man said...

oh, also, based on what I know of these tests (given that I listen to lectures about this methodology all the time), the testing order is not randomized and therefore invalidates the study.

In other words, there is an order effect because you are trained in the first half to associate BAD to one side, the same side you were trained to associate with AFR.AMR, and GOOD to the other, the same you were trained with EURO.AMR. Then you have this bias but when they switch conditions you don't get the same training AND you have to overcome the training of the first session.

Now, if they switched the order on half of the participants, so that in the first half you associated GOOD to the same side as AFR.AMR and then they switched that up on you in the second half, then you might get a better representation of the populace as a whole, but they don't switch the order. The test is skewed and is set up to favor the racist result rather than the non-racist.