Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jim's favorite place to give money

In the midst of paying bills and reviewing our budget each month, I have one bright spot. Our give away money. My mom and dad used to make me give away 50 cents of my $1.50 allowance, and I still like the practice. I enjoy figuring out what places I want to give the money for the month other than our church. I have fun deciding, knowing that next month it will probably be different. Jim is usually hands off in the process partially because I do the budget and because I get so much joy from it. Several months ago he asked if we could add Child’s Play to the list. This month we gave them our giveaway money. As the causes we usually give to are my passions, Jim found this charity that provides video games and all the fixins to hospitals that have children’s wards. Jim was able to go to the website and find out a hospital in Wisconsin and which video game pieces they were missing and purchase them from Amazon and they go directly to the hospital. What a fun way to give!

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