Saturday, October 25, 2008


Jim and I just got back from his 10 year reunion from Morton West High School. We had a lot of time to sit and talk so, if Krista and Jim were to plan a reunion, we would:

1. Have a table reserved for "old and married or just introverted" with board games. That way instead of sitting and looking stupid, a person could go and do something.

2. Have it cheaper than $40 per person.

3. Have labels at tables for new cliques. Old names - geeks, nerds, losers, goths, jocks, band, cheerleaders, popular - but you sit with people in your new clique - so Jim and I would sit with the geeks, even though he wasn't one in high school - then people might have something to say to each other.

4. Or, have labels stating what you are looking at this reunion. "See what people are up too" "Get drunk" "Find a date" "Get drunk and find a date" "Make friends with other couples" etc.

5. Have Krista run up to the DJ and do an ice-breaker with all the significant others.

It was sweet, in a lovey dovey way, that whenever Jim would be asked "What have you been up to in the last 10 years?" "I got married..."

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Taking it like a man said...

I used to dream about going to my high school reunion, until I realized how dangerously boring they can be. Your ideas sound AWESOME. Sign me up for the next reunion you organize!

In other news: There was a JSM class of '98 reunion?!?!?! I wasn't informed...