Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hollywood and beyond

On Thursday, I arrived at LAX to the welcoming view of my mom reading a book at the baggage claim of my flight. I had offered to fly her to LA for a gift for her retirement. So while I was teaching on Friday, she was watching three tapings of The Doctors - its a new show that is produced by Dr. Phil, and she was in the front row or almost each time. She will be seen when it is on TV. She had a great time.

We went up to the Hollywood Hills on Friday night to the Observatory - and felt like if Dad had been a long we would have stayed longer and read more but the view was amazing. Then we went to Target. (The funny thing about traveling so much is that I forget you shouldn't stop at Target on a tourist trip.)

Yesterday, we walked to the famous sites of Hollywood - the Chinese theatre, the stars in the sidewalk, pinkberry (a frozen yogurt place that is all the rage). Then worked our way to Rodeo Drive which we were on for a whole block when we realized that was enough for us. We then drove to the famous old farmers market to look around, and then went to Whole Foods for supper. Yes, we know...we flew across the country for Whole Foods. See note in above.

Today, we are heading to First Presbyterian of Hollywood, it is the church that sponsors DOOR here but also has been seen in Heroes and other like Desparate Housewives. Then to the Santa Monica beach.

More training for me to do on Monday, before we head back on Tuesday.

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