Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gotta love PBS

Last night, after it was on our calendar, I watched the first showing of a documentary about Chicago called THE FOODS OF CHICAGO. It rocked. I gave money to PBS within the first 20 minutes so I could get the DVD. The guy who did it has several actually 10 documentaries about Chicago and we own 1 about the CTA. So if you happen to catch it on the PBS-it is well worth it.

We also realized that we have assigned seats on the sofa. I always sit on the one side even when that means Jim has to step over me to get to his spot. So we switched it up and I sat in his spot and it felt weird!!! I thought assigned seats where only for church :)

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Alyzarin said...

Assigned seats aren't unusual. In our house, mine is the one next to the lamp since I always read or do crossword puzzles during commercials. C gets the other 2/3 so he can nap. And when it's cold, he gets the whole thing and I sit on his feet so we keep each other warm. And Mordred's seat is under the lamp (the one by my seat) since it's the closest thing he'll get to the sun for a while.