Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cross Cultural experience in Ohio and other stuff

A couple notes about the last week or so:

1. Route 30 has become 4 lanes from Upper Sandusky to Fort Wayne - this is so cool!!! Even my dad thought this was a boring 2 lane road, I was excited about this on our way back to Chicago on Saturday.

2. There is a really cool A and W in Delphos, Ohio. They have a salad bar and pie along with the menu that A and W requires. A local take back - I like stuff like that, does that make me old?

3. Another thing in Delphos - a store that you drive through - the first one that Jim has ever seen. I love doing new stuff with Jim, even if it is a drive through store.

4. Jim kept mentioning the sunset of the drive Saturday night. He will mention some "country" thing that I just accept and I see it in a new light.

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