Monday, November 19, 2007

Good Monday morning/Sunday night

Hi - I am a little too chipper this morning because I didn't go to bed last night.

You might be thinking - wow, what project did she have due? None. Then, maybe wow - what crisis at work did you have? None. Wow, what was on your mind? Nothing.

I am just old. I have been battling a recurring migrane for several days and forgetting that the meds that work to get them to leave have caffeine in them I took several at oh, 10 last night. I used to never have a problem - but now, I was up all night. But I wanted to let you know what I learned while up last night.

Sudoku - oh my....Jim, Nadia and lots of others have talked about it but last night until about 4 I was playing off and on. I had never played before last night and it might be a one night wonder - but wow is it cool.

Then, around 5 I realized that I was still wired and got out my work and laptop and started working. I figure with the work I am getting done - my usual midday swim at 1 will be the end of the day for me today!

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