Wednesday, February 28, 2007


OK, I know I haven't posted a picture of Socks yet, but now I am a mom to two cats. Bandit moved in last night. For some reason Jim and I decided that bandit should move in this week.

While they have spent lots of time together while I was traveling in December and January, Socks and Bandit are acting like they don't know each other. However, they are sharing the bed currently but each end of the bed has a cat. The funny part is that they look just alike - more alike than my sister and I. I will post a picture, or at least ask Jim too.

Another cat, I would never have thought I would have another one. But, hey there is someone else to change the litter I am fine!

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Alyzarin said...

I hope they start getting along better. It takes cats a while to get used to new housemates. We were lucky that it only took Grendel and Mordred about a day.

Make sure to give the kitties some petting for me! (Can I be their aunt?)