Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yesterday's plane ride

On top of having a very productive day in the Denver office today, I experienced several strange occurances.
1. Arriving at the airport at 5:11, I printed out my boarding pass headed down the expert traveler security lane at Midway (highly recommend it) and got to my gate at about 5:30. I sat down in a recliner with an outlet and checked email while waiting for my flight (free WiFi at Midway). I soon noticed that my flight was to be shared with lots of high schoolers, many with band instruments. They were loud, and I was feeling very grumpy that they were to be on my flight. I asked one chipper girl if they were indeed a band. “Yes.” Where are you going – Denver or San Diego (the destination of the plane we were lined up to get on)? “Denver, then transferring..” “Oh, where is the final destination?” “DISNEY WORLD” another girl chimed in. “No, not Disney world, oh, I can’t remember the name,” spoke the girl that it seemed to really bother her that she didn’t know her geography. “Anaheim?” I said. “Yes, oh, Yes!” We are marching there for several days. True to high school form, they all were asleep on the flight, it was great.
2. Upon arrival in Denver, Glenn picked me up and headed for “breakfast” which by this point could have almost been lunch for me. We stopped at a new place, walked in and I waited for the hostess to finish with a customer when I realized I knew the hostess! Her aunt and uncle go to our church, and she was once a college student in Chicago and she attended our church during that time. CRAZY, Small World!
3. At “lunch”, Glenn and I’s lunching mate asked if Glenn really didn’t know of any other place other than Racines – his favorite spot to eat. I spoke up saying, “I have been looking forward to Racine’s Salmon Spinach Salad for a week, without ever thinking to ask if we were actually going there – I knew that we would.” The Spinach salad has tomatoes, wild berries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and salmon. (It is also supposed to have curried pecans and feta cheese, but I go without these, you can also order it without the salmon.)
4. Back at the airport, I find a crocs store and have some green chile – a Colorado and New Mexico speciality that I learned to love while living in Colorado. Yummy. Yummy in my tummy. My flight ended up being delayed so I watched Meerkat Manor (again, free wifi in Denver airport). I am almost done with the 2nd season. I get so wrapped up in it…its addicting.
5. We have only 20 people on a big plane, I have the whole first row to myself – a true luxury!


Now, I am home and my ears never popped - its 14 hours after I landed and my ears are full of pressure - making it hard to talk and hear. It has been an interesting day - mostly in bed.

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