Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dr Phil and ME

So, I am sick and got sucked into Dr. Phil. However, it isn't that bad - it reminds me of some advice that we gave Betsy and Russ - take those stupid quizzes in magazines to start good conversation.

Dr. Phil is basically counseling a couple that doesn't know each other at all. They gave them a quiz about simple things and they got very little correct answers - these were - Where is your spouse from? Who is their best friend? - sorts of questions.

This couple have been married 8 months, and knew each other a little under 8 months. And Dr Phil's recommendation is to get to know each other.

While I don't think Jim and I have the perfect marriage (who does?), I can say that we really know each other. Wow, Phil just asked if they even like each other. We love each other, but we also like each other - we are friends. That goes along way...

This is making me very happy that my husband is my husband! Thanks sick day Dr. Phil!

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