Monday, April 27, 2009

Lots of things....

We went to see B-Sides of the Bible on Friday night which Krista loved and I sort it, My opinion of it that it needed more humor and an easy way to have done that was to have God sitting in on all the stories ad-libbing or commenting in a way he did in one story.

Saturday we cruised around hitting up some second hand stores looking for a headboard for our bed, we actually found a new place call Free Store Chicago, it's a wandering "caravan" where people can drop stuff off and just pick up anything they want.

Sunday morning we picked up the key to our new place and we started cleaning one side, Krista is starting to "nest" and actually wants to paint our upcoming place and it's driving her nuts. We went to Spring Tea event at our church which I've never been to because it's around our anniversary or we were moving during this time frame. The speaker at the event had a lot of computer references...which kept me awake. ;) Sunday night was more cleaning and since Sunday morning the DSL has been out at our place and it's been hard on the both of us so we sat down and watched Slumdog Millionaire which was really good but I don't think it should have been the big Oscar winning movie it was hyped to be. not having the internet at home sucks

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Alyzarin said...

I would be absolutely crazy without the internet! Hope you have all the problems resolved.