Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lots of stuff

I am in Louisville at the Presbyterian Young Adult Volunteer Placement Event. For those volunteers that are interested in serving overseas they all show up and interview with all the coordinators of the various sites. Several of us that are national site coordinators are around to help and provide guidance if folks decide they would like to serve somewhere in the States. It has been a great experience. I helped the coordinator from India conduct his interviews, had some great conversations, and just enjoyed the process.

Some phrases that make me smile....

"I like the mathiness of philosophy, and the philosophy of math."

"Oh, your parents are a Miami merger..."


I am "stuck" at Louisville Seminary for a week. The placement event ended this morning and now I am attending an additional meeting that doesn't start until really tomorrow. While reading the bulletin board (a habit wherever I go) I saw that Kelly Brown Douglas was giving a lecture here. I thought "wow, that is so cool." Then I looked at the date, "Oh crap, I will be here!!!!!" Kelly Brown Douglas is a theologian that we read in college that I have written about, analyzed, and even used her work liberally in my master's thesis. I love her!!!! And I get to meet her tonight. I am so excited, that doesn't even begin to cover how excited I am about this! I know having this reaction to a theologian makes me more than weird...but I have accepted that.

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