Thursday, March 19, 2009



Isn't that a "fun" word. Now I have my share of debt(just student loans) but most of my life my father and I have had issues because we have almost identical names(he's a Sr and I'm a Jr) and just last night I got a voice message saying that I was being "invited" to court for something this freaks Krista out as we have enough debt as it is(see theres that word again) and I give a call to them and as usual it's my father they are looking for. Of course they didn't look at my birthdate or SS #. I think they just did some kind of search for a phone number with my name on it and massed called all my names in the chicago area looking for him....all is good though and no more debt for me.

(oooh look at that 2 posts in a day for me)

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