Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Leftover week

Living in a small house with a even smaller kitchen when you love to cook and collect cool new foods can be a problem. I declared a week of buying very little (after 4 weeks of not being home). We have had some great meals. (Notice I often say we in the following, Jim and I rarely shop without the other - it is a funny habit - we are both quality time folks so grocery shopping counts for that.)

Monday: Thai salad - using some of the rice noodles that we bought as an experiment - I bought a head of red leaf lettace, a cucumber, and bean sprouts for this meal. I used some pork that was in the freezer. (Jim had a free Subway sandwich for lunch.)

Tuesday: Carrot Soup and tuna salad sandwiches - bought nothing. Carrot soup is really great - chop an onion in a food processor, throw that in a pot with as much ginger as you want, and about 2 tsp of oil - cook for 2 minutes Food processor chop a bag of baby carrots (left over from last week's Jim shopping trip) Add to pot with 1 can of chicken broth. Bring to a boil and simmer for 5-7 minutes. Puree. Then add a bit of honey and salt.

I took a can of tuna, chopped up some lettace and cucumber and added about 1 tbsp of oil and vingar salad dressing. Toasted up some whole wheat bread and served it up!

Wednesday: I took 2 quarts beef broth (found several weeks ago at a dollar store for 79 cents a quart), added all the frozen veggies in our freezer - about 5 half bags (Jim uses them a lot when I am gone), added a can of tomatoes, some spices and the egg noodles I still had (about 1 cup). I served with some honey wheat pretzels.

Thursday: Plans are for the frozen fish and for some brown rice (trader joe's frozen). I need to figure out a veggie! We still have some cucumber and bean sprouts.

Friday will be out - as we head to MI!


Alyzarin said...

What a great idea! I tend to overbuy groceries since I can't run out and grab something at the last minute, so my pantry and freezers tend to be overflowing. I've vowed to use more of what I have before going out to buy new and I cut last month's credit card bill in half. (It won't be fun if C comes home wanting me to fix something when I don't have the ingredients in stock, though.)

Krista said...

Wow that is great! I think one week of doing this will actually clear us out, unless you count the soft pretzels that we have or the frozen cookies.

It has been fun!