Monday, February 9, 2009


Krista and Me where out and about a lot this weekend and ran into some human interactions that were weird.

On Saturday...

We were at a all you can eat sushi bar and a family (Mom, Dad, daughter) showed up next to our table the Wife definitely did not want to be there, she expressed this several times including:

something about the way the preparers touch the food...even though they were all wearing gloves

if they had a kids playground

In Schaumburg at the Woodfield mall, a short 5'6" or shorter balding man wearing flannel and thick glasses asked us if we knew where he could find a "hopping" bar was. We did not.

After we saw the movie "He's Just Not Into You" an older woman was waiting in-between the doors outside the theater asked us to take her to Denny's. Not knowing the area and my trust in humanity is low I declined and as we were leaving I had to turn around in the car and found the Denny's....which was 1/3rd of a block away from the theater.


We went to Five Guys which is an awesome hamburger and fries joint very similar to In-and-Out.
While in there there was a woman who first came up and complained that the music was too loud, then proceeded to complain that there weren't enough fries in her bag, we were waiting for our order when this all occurred and when we got our bag the bag was filled with fries, there was no way it wasn't like that for her because we watched her pull her cup of fries out of the bag and it was full...

On our way out of Five Guys we ran into a man that stopped us asking for money for the Green line to get home, he had been driving with a friend with a suspended license and admitted to was he was "rolling weed" and didn't have any cash to get home, slightly shocked by his truthfulness I used my monthly pass to let him on.

Strange interactions this weekend...always entertaining

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