Monday, September 22, 2008

"TV" dinner

Tonight, I made supper using two things I learned on TV.

First, we bought a Good Eats DVD awhile ago - and we both like watching it. Everytime Jim watches it I get reminded that he really likes Mac and Cheese - so tonight I made oven baked mac and cheese from Good Eats. It was a bit oniony, but overall fairly good even for the expert on mac and cheese in the house (Jim). It is way better than the one either Betsy or I made in our demonstration for 4-H.

Second, I steamed some broccoli in Ziploc steamer bags that I saw on last season's Biggest Loser and bought way back then but hadn't used them. I really liked them. I might even recommend them.

That reminds me of another cooking story that I haven't shared yet. Last week was a potluck at church. I baked three loaves of bread and my pumpkin spice muffins. As one of the elders of the church was chewing my bread, she came over and asked "When your parents in town last, this bread tastes really fresh." My parents are famous for baking bread for DOOR - but I laughed and said I made this bread last night. I was a bit insulted as I bake bread probably on a more regular interval than mom and dad do, but the people who eat it the most think it is just from when mom and dad visit!


Alyzarin said...

I like the steamer bags too-- especially the markings on the side so it's easy to know how full to fill them and how long it will take.

Taking it like a man said...

I'm a big fan of that show, good eats. My wife and I watch it on the food network all the time. I like the fact that he tries to teach you something about why ingredients do the things they do.