Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Top Ten Reasons why Krista hasn't posted lately

10. The amount of Krista is writing for work is fairly large - lots of those self directed projects with no solid deadline which is driving me crazy. I finished a book outline on Thursday (it did have a deadline - today). I am writing a book on behalf of DOOR and Mennonite Mission Network.
9. Krista tried taking a week of vacation last week. I worked a lot though, not enough, but a lot.
8. Krista spent the week in Ohio. I spent the week thinking of the phrase "you can’t go home again”. From the changes that are happening in my home town, to stopping in at my seminary and seeing it changed, and visiting my ailing grandma, it doesn’t feel like home. I wouldn’t change going home- I love doing it – it just is never what it was like growing up.
7. Jim and I went to the Croc’s outlet – bought 3 pairs of shoes for $30!
6. I bought 2 cases of Hershey nuggets at Sam’s. Two days later I returned 1 ½ cases of Hershey nuggets at Sam’s. We miscalculated the amount of chocolate we needed for favors.
5. We drive along the National Lakeshore of the Indiana Dunes – wow is it beautiful! Why I haven’t been there before is beyond me!
4. Baked communion bread for during the wedding and made mom’s 3 day cinnamon rolls for the brunch after the wedding on Sunday.
3. Took a professional dance lesson with Jim! Fun times that hopefully made us look less junior highish at the receptionist.
2. Tried to help make favors, dropped off welcome bags, helped arrange a brunch at my mom and dad’s house.
1. Got to be the matron of honor and general onlooker on the marriage of my sister and my new brother in law. It was a wonderful day – Betsy was stunning, the wedding was inspiring, and the cake was amazing. Celebrating the love of family, God, and each other was a reminder of all of that in my life. I am happy to have new family members and loved watching Betsy love and be loved by her new big family!

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