Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Truly a Man of Destiny

This morning, I went to the funeral of Mike McCullum. Mike sang with the Men of Destiny who sing for many of the DOOR Chicago groups and sang at our night-before-the-wedding-party. I always appreciated Mike – his concern, his care, and his commitment to the group and to God. When meeting Jim for the first time, he told him, “You know I knew she was falling in love, and so you better take care of her.”
Today, as the Men of Destiny started singing “Mike’s song” – the one he always lead at concerts. I was at first shocked thinking: Don’t let someone else sing the song quite yet. Once I settled into the song, I realized the importance of singing that song – I’m tired, and my soul needs rest. One of the lines says – Son, come on in you ran a good race. Mike always changed the line to say his name – and the lead singer today changed in to Michael just like Mike did and it was just the song Men of Destiny needed to sing today.
Mike had a smile that outlasted his face and went deep into you. To be a part of his homegoing service was a blessing.

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