Saturday, August 16, 2008

Olympics and me

The other day I was watching water polo and was inspired to look up if the Park District offered a class - they did and the registration started this Saturday at 9 am. I was worried about not getting a slot - so I arrived just after 9 to register. Just after 10, I walked out with a slot in a water polo class/club. It doesn't start for over a month; but I am so excited. I wonder how many others signed up for a sport that they have seen in the Olympics!

I am watching swimming right now; and recently Dara Torres won silver to a Steffen gold (Germany). As they started the anthem, as the flag was raised, I hummed along. All because of the Summer Olympics Commodore 64 game we had when I was a kid - Betsy and I sometimes would just click on the flags to hear the song. The educational power of video games....

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