Thursday, August 16, 2007

Whole Foods Visit Number 4

Yes, in less than a week I have been to the new whole foods 4 times. And this time was while my husband seems to have posted the wonderful news of the horrific merger proposal. However, I have several things to say about my visit.

1. I am in love with the carrot ginger soup but right now I am really keeping track of portions and calories. So, on my previous visits I have looked for that information around the store with no luck, went home and looked on the website, and so yesterday I finally asked at customer service. The woman did seem to understand why I expected Whole Foods to have that information, but her supervisor referred her to the website - where there is a carrot soup with ginger and spearmint - but it isn't the same ingredients (I knew that already). So, I think I need to go and write down all the ingredients and try to make it so I know what is in it. So, luckily Jim loves carrots - because it may take awhile to get it right.

2. I finally broke down and bought the keg of root beer that Jim has been eyeing. It was buy one get one free - and it was a good deal - but we are going to be drinking root beer until Christmas.

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