Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Oh, being ethical

So, I was planning to post about something big in my life today--something that has been on my calendar for big that my husband as made a verb out of my excitement. Example: You know, that person ______ ______ed it. (Meaning of great excitement)

A Whole Foods Market has opened within a short hike distance from our apartment. So in prep for this blog post I went to their website to get a link to the new store and instead found lots of disheartening news about several misdeeds of the CEO, John Mackey. So now, I am not sure my mind can go pick up my husband and have lunch there this opening day.

You see, beyond being a foodie or as my husband has said a kitchen geek (I finally used my new pastry cutter the other day, but that is another post)I try to pay attention to economic justice. Whole Foods has paid a living wage - which is my main bench mark for a good business and their CEO has a limit of 7 x the lowest wage earner of what he can make. Yes, this makes costs go up, and yes this means I can't buy everything there to fit my budget - but at one time I was pretty close at doing all my shopping there.

Apparently, I need to work on keeping up with these matters and with Whole Foods and Wild Oats joining and becoming a bigger force in the market I fear their committment to the things I like them for while go by the wayside.

I am still going today - but without the joy that I felt only an hour ago.

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