Thursday, April 26, 2007

Marriage Reflection

So, my robe needs to be thrown out. But I paid $40 for it when I went to college, I have wore it almost everyday since the fall of 1995. I didn't know it even looked bad until Jim's much newer, much fluffier robe came into my house. That is when I realized that you could see through mine in spots, that there were holes, etc.

I think in my short marriage so far with Jim but also in my relationship with him - he reflects me bringing the real me to the forefront. Sometimes that is good, sometimes that is bad. In the last couple months, he has noticed things about me that I just sort of accepted but I should probably changed. For instance, that I can't keep anything clean for more than 30 minutes.

By the way, the robe is in the trash - and the previously unwore black fluffy robe is now on my hook.

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