Sunday, March 18, 2007


The other night Jim and I rented Bridezilla - the TV series. REALLY FUNNY! However, I think it gave me some ideas of how to panic. Last night, I had a freak out moment. "We aren't going to have everything done, so why try" "I am a failure" "Why the heck are you marrying me?" all came up....

One realization that I have made during this planning a wedding stage...if the guy sticks around during that....they are saints! Another realization is that there are things that I am supposed to know just because I am a bride. I don't remember the class called Wedding 101 - I would take it if they offered by the way. However, when I suggest what I want to people - they have started to say, you are bucking the tradition. Well, there are some things that I know I am bucking...intentionally. However, most things I don't even know I am standing in direct opposition to the traditional way.

My parents raised me to be different, independent, free thinking. I am grateful. I am glad the wedding is going to include video game music most likely for Jim and Spirituals for me. I am glad that I am writing the ceremony...I am glad I want to do things differently. Why is that so hard for people to accept?

Ok, that is my bridezilla moment. I may have more, but after rewatching several episodes this morning while working on some stuff - I hope not.

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