Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh, for the love of cooking

One of the best parts of being home for a week is that I get to cook (right up there with going to the gym, being with Jim, and sleeping in my own bed)in my new to me kitchen. Several weeks ago, Jim and I went to see Food Inc. Don't go see it if you want to keep eating the way you are.

Anyways, we both (not just Krista) came away thinking that we needed to think about some things - mainly eating meat that is locally grown or organic and thinking more about locally produced products in general.

Last week, Jim, expecting to go to a bbq over the weekend, bought some locally produced and grass finished bison that we have been working on eating since he joined me in Ohio last weekend unexpectedly. So tonight we had:

Fresh pasta from Wisconsin - boiled for about 2 minutes (wow was it good)
Sauted broccoli and squash from farmer's type market
1 tomato, chopped
The above were combined with a little olive oil and salt and pepper
Grilled Bison, mine med rare, Jim's med

Oh, a great meal - no matter where the food came from!

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