Saturday, July 18, 2009

A day in Chicago

I find spending less time in Chicago has made me appreciate it all so much more. After running errands and having breakfast at the same place we did last weekend, we went to the Chicago Botanical Gardens on a whim. Therefore, no camera...but wow is it beautiful, I can't believe I haven't ever been there before! We walked around for several hours enjoying the many gardens and the water displays.

It is way north of Chicago - so we drove by the lake on the way back - not a lake view due to the big manisons that have lake views in their backyards - its pretty amazing. It was way past lunch when we stopped at a place that was called Japanese Restaurant - wow, again. Jim had really awesome beef served alongside several types of sushi and I had perfect Udon soup - it was a hole in the wall in all the great ways!

Continuing down the lake, we stop at the Ba'hai Temple. It is simply elegant. I had taken a summer staff several years ago there; but Jim have never been - he loved it.

Now, I pack and leave tomorrow to see Jannan, Betsy, Russ, Jackie and maybe meet Brandon!

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