Monday, May 12, 2008

waiting for plane thoughts

I wrote this while my plane was delayed on Saturday....

When I was here in Seattle while in seminary, we went to Pikes Place Market – a very famous (at least on PBS food shows) fresh fruit and fish market. (I also got to spend the night in the airport in the exact gate I now am sitting.) It has gained more fame in recent years for being the home of the first Starbucks. I went there the other day again – it did not disappoint. I kept thinking - If I could shop there for real – I bought several things but you know not the pasta that I wanted or the oils or the list could go on… But while I enjoyed it and would like to think I would go back every week; the reality is that is it downtown and out of the way for the average person in Seattle – and it sort of a tourist thing. I do go to farmer’s market in Chicago – but I know that if the big farmer’s market was at Navy Pier – I wouldn’t go.
However, that being said – I went to a bookstore and found a magazine I have been looking for years; ever since I left Colorado – the whole magazine is cartoons about current news items and social issues. I bought whipped garlic, which I tried in the market and fell in love with. I bought a variety of dried fruits, which have all been eaten in a couple of days – the great thing was it was only fruit – not all the stuff that most places add so it would have gone stale if I brought it home anyway.
As I write this, I am in the airport, with no cell phone charge, and writing. It is always a good reminder that I love to travel but I starting to love the expectation of coming home; and that love is waiting for me there.

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