Friday, May 23, 2008

Musings on the weird life of Krista (and Jim too)

I generally, by some standards, have a wacky life. This week seems a bit more wacky than most. With our trip to see AVE Q (which received its own post) to the release of Wii Fit and the start of the busy DOOR summer I have some thoughts.

First, I should say Wii Fit rocks. Wii came out with “game” that is actually a personal trainer – with yoga, pilate like exercises, aerobics, and balance. It weighs you tells you how much you should weigh, tells you lots of good stuff and it is hard yet fun. I have been a Wii fan; but now I may be a fanatic – much to the delight of my geek husband – he was all smiles for several days because I wanted a video game more than he did. To his own admission, he thinks it is fun – but it also used some muscles of his that he hadn’t used in a while. This week some friends and I have started exercising together; so I hurt too. Between Curves most mornings, exercising around 3 and playing Wii Fit to often – I am stretched out this week!

Today, I took my beloved age group to a service site, junior highers. Wow again I realize how fun they are – could they just pop out that old – I might want several of those!

The crazy summer season at DOOR started in Chicago this week, sort of without me. Being the National Program Director allows me to step out of the day-to-day stuff and I expected this to be a harder transition – but it hasn’t been so far. I still get to do the take-all-the-seats-out-of-the-van grocery trip tomorrow; and host a BBQ for the staff tomorrow night – and cook for the groups for a couple weeks – but really that is nothing stressful compared to past summers. So pray for Brian as he is dealing with that stress now here – and the other 5 directors dealing with it elsewhere in the DOOR network. Tonight, I am baking in preparation for the BBQ – so I am excited!

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