Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lots of stuff

In the last couple days I have been experiencing and learning lot of stuff:

1. The gift that I have (because of how I grew up) in not being scared of doctors, hospitals, blood, etc. I spent 24 hours in the hospital with one of my students and I am able to watch the blood stuff and still be okay. I think I really want to do Clinical Pastoral Education at sometime out of this.

2. In understanding how much I need free time with and without Jim. I got frustrated this weekend due to the lack of time to free time.

3. We had our credit card stolen over the weekend - it bothers me that it happened - but it is just a scary thing.

4. We finally got to see "Why I got Married?" last night. It made me think - I am so glad that I got married to Jim. Something that came across this weekend is that I want to do it on my own because it seems that I am strong if I do, and yet if I can let Jim support me then I can actually be a stronger person.

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