Wednesday, October 5, 2011

After reading some other foster parent bloggers, I have learned some ways to do it - make up names and post pictures of them doing things as not to show faces. So, let the fun begin of re-naming the kids! First, we have Snap. Snap is a teenager who quickly snaps to attend to her two children and also can easy snap at teachers, authority, and to rude people. Second, we have SmartGuy. He is 3, and he is super smart - already knows how to get to his day care from our house and is able to figure out how to get what he wants. Third, we have Sloth. He is 18 months. He is no sloth in terms of getting around - he waddles everywhere fast! However, he is fairly low key. He likes sitting in his high chair and loves picking stuff up with all his appendages.

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Cara S said...

Hi Krista! I love your stories of your family! And I love the nicknames-much more original than me just using my kids' first initials. (Especially since my middle son's name starts with an can get confusing!) Anyway...just wanted to say hi and encourage you in your mom-hood! :) I think that our little guys and your little guys (same age) would get along famously!