Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DC musings

So far - walked around the mall, eatten at all local to DC places, rode a segway, had tea time at the guest house, cried at a museum, seen the Archives, Air and Space, American history, and National History, and gotten ourselves around using the Metro.

When asked at Tea time this evening about the best part of the day? Both Jim and I answered the bus. When we first got on the bus we were joined by twenty 2nd graders. Many of the kids found a newspaper laying around. The kid next to us asked his teacher "is this a number or word puzzle?" And then to Jim, "Sir, do you have a book I could use to do a puzzle?" We gave him or tour book and then started to help with the crossword upon request. At one point, I was helping the little boy and Jim was assisting a little girl next to him. We continued this the whole ride - about 40 minutes.

We have eaten in the two places that Man v Food recommends in DC - one a real hole in the wall that we loved - but walked 2 miles for! This evening we hit a place with a 50 year history for chili dogs, and Bill Cosby and the Obama family eat free. Both were great!

Yesterday, I got picked out of a crowd to recreate the sitin at the counter in Greensboro SC (I didn't ask to get picked, I promise). I cried at the implications of what we were learning about. We have come this far by faith, but so much further to go

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