Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see.

- John Burroughs, essayist and naturalist

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Is it weird that i like to make funny faces when im alone in the elevator?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Journaling Part 4

I have a feeling that all the previous posts will make it into future writings of mine in one form or another - so I am glad to get just the pieces down now.

Journaling Part 3

More from several weeks ago!

Took some co-workers from out of town to one of my favorite places today (Hot Dougs)
The food is always good. The owner is friendly. They have owner friendly hours - so he can have a life. He is a good guy who is living his dream - I love supporting stuff like that.

There is always a line which is a part of the charm as well. One of my co-workers mentioned how unique this sort of feel and love for a place by the owner can be. I agreed.

to be continued...

Journaling Part 2

Again more that I wrote awhile ago that I need to get off scrap paper.

Yesterday (the day after memorial day), Jim fell ill, which sent me to my local Walgreens. To be honest, I don't go there often but the lady recognized me and we had the following conversation.

Clerk: "Are you ready, baby?"
Me: "Yep (placing the pepto on the counter)"
"Oh, who is sick?"
"my husband"
"too much bbq?"
"just the wrong kind of bbq"
"I will be thinking of you and him."

Journaling Part 1

Several weeks ago, I wrote several short thoughts in journal form - and so I don't lose them am posting them....the funny thing is that it isn't a finished piece but it is more than a thought. Hence my need to get them out of my scrap paper file and into a more permanent setting such as this website - and yet really they aren't ready to share. Oh, the joys and burdens of a blog!

Oh, the Chicago Public Library

My life wouldn't be the same without it. Recently, I said, " I really have no business buying books living where I live." I really love CPL and its many branches which are in most of the 77 neighborhoods of Chicago, including 2 within walking distance from my house. The CPL website recently upgraded so that I can have a book at any library sent to my local library through a click of a button.

In a recent article from the Washington Post, the Post shows the true cost of being poor. From paying more at the local grocerer than the 2 mile away superstore to the many costs of living in a "desert" if consumer goods in general, the article illustrates the mix of costs that are not thought of living in lower class neighborhoods.

I have been thinking about this article quite a bit and I thought about while I was driving to the library today. Yes, the library is free and in almost every neighborhood. However, I often wonder if the library really is free to those whose resources are unknown. Such as:

I have been using a daily check on the CPL website to track a book I really want for about 2 weeks. Seeing that in the entire CPL system, 4 copies at 3 libraries existed. I was constantly tracking which library had it in on the shelf and which ones the book was coming due.
Cost: 28 minutes Resource used: internet

Today, needing to return a book that I had finished, I went on my search for the token book and headed to a library in another neighborhood.
Cost: 20 minutes Resource used: car

After looking on the shelf for the book in question and not finding it - I picked out something else and went to check out the books and ask for a "hold and transfer" of the book to my library. The check out lady asked me to talk to the reference librarian. The reference librarian helped me find the book in the system, called a library that had one on the shelf asked for it to be placed on hold for me.
Cost: 30 minutes

I didn't know there where reference librarians at the library. That might sound silly, but I really didn't. She was quite kind, resourceful, and got me exactly what I wanted. I wonder though about the resources that it took me to that reference librarian - do I as a middle class person have the resources (including time) to lead me to this great reference librarian that those cited in the Post article would not have. Probably. Yes, the reference librarian is a free source of information - but I find it fasinating that it took lots of resources to come to this free resource.

Is this another cost of being poor?

To be continued....

Krista in the comics

Click here for a comic that Jim found that is so me!

Monday, June 15, 2009


People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing--that's why we recommend it daily.

- Zig Ziglar, motivational speaker

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Five

From RevGalPals blog:

Gals and pals on the West and East coasts, and a few spots in between, may know of Trader Joe's--a quirky, well-stocked, well priced semi-gourmet store that attains near cult status among some. I discovered it through my Aunt Judy, who always brought a couple of their desserts to holiday parties....The best was a chocolate ganache torte that had my four year olds begging for it (and among the only four year olds on the planet to know what ganache is, presumably).

My family has happily Trader Joe'd in southernmost California, up to the Northwest, and back down to southern Cal. And now we're really excited because today a brand new Trader Joe is opening up across the street from our apartment. Wahoo! There are sure to be lots of tasty free samples on opening day and from now on we can just walk across the street to get a lot of our shopping done. I have a new spiritual directee coming tomorrow and she has already mentioned that she'll be stopping in on the way here, leaving me to be jealous cause I'll be spending that noon hour like, praying and preparing and study-vacuuming and everything, and won't be able to stop in till the afternoon.

So in honor of the new Trader Joe's, this week's Friday Five is all about food shopping.

1. Grocery shopping--love it or hate it?

I love it!!!! It is my favorite time of the week generally - chorewise. I love making the list, and then looking through the aisles for new finds.

2. Who is the primary food shopper in your household?

So we are a little silly, I think we both are. We most often go to the grocery store together.

3. Do you have a beloved store like TJ's which is unique to your location or family?

While we enjoy going to both Trader Joes and Whole Foods for special things, Pete's Market is where we shop most. The produce brings joy!

4. How about a farmer's market, or CSA share, as we move into summer? Or do you grow your own fruits/veggies/herbs?

Probably once a month I go to the conservatory down the street to pick up a CSA like basket - order one week in advance a basket full of yummies - but I only do it when I know that I have time to prepare the surprise veggies.

5. What's the favorite thing you buy at the grocery store?

Jim goes on fruit duty at Pete's. We have come home with three kinds of pears before and we see one we like best - that is my favorite part.

Who knew I would meet my grandma in the post office?

My Grandma Beam had a lot of quirks such as her love of Dawn dish detergent, her ability to be cheap, and then to splurge. One day, we learned she got a new car. She didn't really need one, she had just really admired her bank teller's car and one day she drove past the bank didn't see it. So she went in and saw the said bank teller, asked where her car was, found out that the car had been traded in at a-not-to-near-by town's dealership. Grandma responded by getting in her car and driving to the dealership that it was at and bought it.

Today, I shared an elevator leaving the post office with a fun loving older gentleman who was very talkative with me on the three floor ride and then fist bumped me to say goodbye when we both got off in the underground parking. My car was the first car parked by the elevator I got in and started the car and noticed someone at my window. It was this fun loving older gentleman. I rolled down my window. He wanted to tell me how much he loved the RAV 4 and how he had one when they first came out just like mine.
He said, "that must have been around 10 years ago when it was involved in a crash".
"Yes," I replied, "this is 10 years old."
"Any chance you would part with it?"
"Nope, I plan to drive it until it dies."
"Are you sure?"
"When are you going to take me for a drive? It doesn't have to be today. I will give you my card."
"Nope, I am really not interested in selling this car, sir."
"Okay, (another fist bump) have a wonderful day."
"You too."

As I am driving up out of the parking lot, I am laughing thinking about how I can totally see my grandma doing this. Then I thought about maybe I should have asked how much he would have offered. Oh well, I thought, I really like this car I really don't want to part with it.

At the next stop light, I heard a beep at my side - and sure enough it was this gentleman sitting in my dream car, the Smart Car! Seriously! I want a Smart car, should have taken his card to work out a swap!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Moving and our cat...

We finally moved this weekend to our new big apartment and during the move our cat MJ sneaked out of our apartment, I wandered around for 30 minutes trying to find her inside and outside and giving up I went back to cleaning but left our back door open in case she decided to come home. After about an hour I happen to walk by our bathroom and tada! there she is...covered in dirt of course. She survived her little adventure and decided to come home. I hope she heard our voices coming out of our place and just wanted to be home...

On a geeky side of things the new cheap $99 iphone is looking mighty good, but I should wait till my contract is up with T-Mobile next June :(