Friday, June 12, 2009

Who knew I would meet my grandma in the post office?

My Grandma Beam had a lot of quirks such as her love of Dawn dish detergent, her ability to be cheap, and then to splurge. One day, we learned she got a new car. She didn't really need one, she had just really admired her bank teller's car and one day she drove past the bank didn't see it. So she went in and saw the said bank teller, asked where her car was, found out that the car had been traded in at a-not-to-near-by town's dealership. Grandma responded by getting in her car and driving to the dealership that it was at and bought it.

Today, I shared an elevator leaving the post office with a fun loving older gentleman who was very talkative with me on the three floor ride and then fist bumped me to say goodbye when we both got off in the underground parking. My car was the first car parked by the elevator I got in and started the car and noticed someone at my window. It was this fun loving older gentleman. I rolled down my window. He wanted to tell me how much he loved the RAV 4 and how he had one when they first came out just like mine.
He said, "that must have been around 10 years ago when it was involved in a crash".
"Yes," I replied, "this is 10 years old."
"Any chance you would part with it?"
"Nope, I plan to drive it until it dies."
"Are you sure?"
"When are you going to take me for a drive? It doesn't have to be today. I will give you my card."
"Nope, I am really not interested in selling this car, sir."
"Okay, (another fist bump) have a wonderful day."
"You too."

As I am driving up out of the parking lot, I am laughing thinking about how I can totally see my grandma doing this. Then I thought about maybe I should have asked how much he would have offered. Oh well, I thought, I really like this car I really don't want to part with it.

At the next stop light, I heard a beep at my side - and sure enough it was this gentleman sitting in my dream car, the Smart Car! Seriously! I want a Smart car, should have taken his card to work out a swap!

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