Sunday, November 8, 2009

Making the Sunday morning flight worth it!

While this morning was my first flight as a Southwest A+ member, what makes my airport time enjoyable is actually the people watching. Today, conversations made it fun.

Context: Big line to the down escalator, so a family and I were headed down the stairs towards the security line.

Little girl: (half way down the stairs) …um…I think I am going back up and going to the other stairs…. (she meant the escalator)
Mom: no, this way is fine
Krista: That does look fun, but today the stairs are much faster, as I pass to the left of her.
Little girl: Looks up at me with a smile and wonder in her voice, “Are you going to Disney World too?”
Krista: “Disney World, you get to go to Disney World? No, I am not going there, but I think you will have lots of fun.”
Little girl: “We are going to Disney World for a whole week!”
Dad: “This is her first time.”
Krista: “I was about your age when I went to Disney World for the first time. Have a lot of fun!”
I head over to the expert traveler line in the airport….
Little Girl: “You have fun too…Bye!”

I would have been smiling from that all day but then...

In the expert lane, as I gathered my stuff on the other side of security…

“This is the expert traveler lane, not the I think I am an expert traveler lane.” TSA officer