Monday, June 23, 2008

technical troubles

Sounds like blog issues right? Nope this past week or so I've had 3 things go out on me at home, I had my big laptop decide to quit working, I had a 19inch monitor decided it's time to check out and now my new one is it seems my video card on my main computer is on the fritz.

I have alternatives to most of this, I own an Asus EEE pc that I've talked about before, and I picked up a used 17inch crt monitor from church but the video card is a little more troubling, I never switched to the latest technology and now I'll have to buy a new motherboard, new RAM and a new videocard to catch up as AGP video cards are old and buried and my motherboard only supports AGP, DDR1 and the new motherboards only support PCI-E, DDR2....

It's frustrating to be forced to upgrade but it had to happen sooner or later


My parents were in town working for DOOR Chicago last week; so upon returning to O'Hare at 5:30 am Friday morning, I went to say hi to them, and then took a shower at home saying hi to the husband I hadn't seen in a week before he went to work - and took my parents to Sweet Maple Cafe where we had a nice breakfast. Then we headed off to the Chicago History Musuem (where I have a membership, I know I am a history geek and a Chicago geek so this is perfect). There was a private event going on taking a wing of the place - and on the way out we found out that Obama was having a meeting about a VP.

We headed back home and played some Wii Fit and Wii Sports all while I was trying not to crash (being up for at that point over 36 hours). We picked up Jim at work and then went to Pilsen for supper to celebrate Mom and Dad's 38 wedding anniversary. Then I crashed at 7 and slept until 9 the next morning.

We went to Artipolis in the morning for a brunch before mom and dad headed out to Ohio. Jim and I started our marathon of shopping. We went to the movie theatre to get gift certificates, David's Bridal to get my dress for Betsy's wedding, then to Whole Foods for some stuff, then to Salvation Armys and Goodwill's looking for a bike or two, then to Quake, an 80s toy store that Jim had heard about - we bought more vintage toys for others than for Jim (hint: they had Batman everything, we are well stocked for several holidays to come with Batman stuff). Then decided to try out a Put Putt Place that Jim had heard about at work called Par King. It was a great course! After heading to a nearby Red Robin, we came home.

A good day to come home too.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Travel Log 102

I started, read, and finished Jesus for President by Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw while on planes last Sunday. It was much better than Claiborne’s first book – l actually didn’t throw this one in anger. (While some would argue that makes a perfect book, one that strikes emotion – I am using it in the sense I that I agree with his points this time around albeit idealistic in some ways.)
Some quotes:
You can no more have a Christian worldly government than you can have a Christian petunia or aardvark. Greg Boyd
We are dying and killing for abstract nouns like freedom and democracy…but this is not the gospel of Jesus Christ. Quoted from a US soldier in Iraq
If I am crazy, it is because I refuse to be crazy in the same way that the world has gone crazy. Peter Maurin, co-founded of the Catholic Worker Community Movement
Those Godless Galileans feed our poor in addition to their own. Emperor Julian
Love is a harsh and dreadful thing to ask of us, but it is the only answer. Dorothy Day
Its election year and once again poor people are running…for their lives. Gil Scot Heron

Friday, June 20, 2008

Work stuff

It's been awhile since I've posted...I haven't had anything that interesting to say. But today I received info that a permanent position opened up in my department and I'm pursuing it and I received the monthly award for the highest phone score rating of our group! I have pictures of the award as it gets passed to each person each month and I will post them later

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The down and upside of being gone

This morning, I awoke to a call from Brian about happenings in Chicago. Our friend, Reggie, has been seriously hurt and now is in the hospital. Brian is taking care of the situation meeting with the participants who saw him fall and I am so proud of how he is dealing with the whole thing. The good side of being gone is that Brian is truly doing this without me. We had developed a crisis plan together several months ago and this is now being used to deal with this.

The bad side of being gone is that I am worried sick about Reggie and Brian and all the others involved, and my phone battery is dying.


Travel Log 101

Some things I have experienced while I have been traveling:
1. The first leg of my flight to Miami was delayed enough that I would miss my second leg from Atlanta. So I went and asked about different flights or options and was put on standby for two flights and booked for a third. I was excited to get on the 2nd standby – it was a rush to see how many would get on and how many would be pushed back to the next flight. This was my first experience standbying –so I probably won’t like it any other time!
2. While waiting I saw a family almost miss their (my 1st standby) flight because the woman kept screaming “I can’t run I have heels on, no I don’t care if I miss the flight, I am not taking my heels off.”
3. At OHare, I noticed that the planes were all standing in line to take off. I saw this as we took off. I had this cartoon image of the planes joshing each other in line and then when one took off that is was saying yippee…..either I have watched to many cartoons or I have a overactive imagination.
4. I arrived in Miami to a closed airport. We sat on the tarmac for almost one hour as lighting was too close for anyone to be on the ground – all while my ride was circling the airport.
5. I saw Miami’s Thursday night. At DOOR, our Thursday night is the campfire of camp. I am so happy that in my new job I can see other cities events other than leading them all the time in Chicago.
6. The Lighthouse is a church in Miami that grew out of Miami Music Ministry which teaches kids how to be musicians. This is where Nadia from Carrie Underwood Season of American Idol got her start. The church is basically teens,20 and 30 somethings with a few others. I have heard a lot about it as Heidi, the City director in Miami, and Richard, her husband and founder of MMM, are basically the pastors (and aren’t in the demographic). It was incredible! I bought several CDs. Richard was a sound producer in Nashville for folks like Garth Brooks before they moved to Miami where they felt called to do one year of service, and that was over 10 years ago.
7. I have never landed in an airport that I didn’t mean to arrive in. Due to weather, we landed in Indy instead of Chicago – once I got to Chicago I had less than one hour to check in for my flight to LA on another airline three terminals away – so Jim and I raced across the airport – he gave me so more stuff and I gave him dirty laundry to take home – we kissed and I went on the flight.
8. Upon arrival at LA, I had 45 minutes to make it on time to my first appointment here in LA. I have never rented a car – it is sort of process! Then I realized I hadn’t looked at a map to find my way around. I started shaking and called Jim who looked up directions and calmed me down.
9. I walked by Dr. Phil’s studio this morning, as well as Hollywood Ave where all the footprints are. The DOOR program here is in the church that many TV shows use as “their church” it is just a little weird!
10. Someone of staff at the church was talking to me about his daughter working on “The View” – I am just blown away that I really am in Tinseltown!
11. I walked by a drain today that said – “no dumping, drains to the ocean” not an everyday occurrence for me!

Friday, June 13, 2008

My ode to Joslyn and DOOR

My job is all about providing learning experiences for others – I put people in uncomfortable positions in order to grow. I also just widen their eyes to the world. I challenge their understanding of God.
I decided that Joslyn is my DOOR experience. I have been spending a growing amount of time with my 3 year old niece, and while I am more and more seeing her patterns and her uniqueness – I also am required to put my life in check when she is around – just like DOOR participants are asked to do.
When I worked directly with groups, I could often be heard saying “Take all the time you need” and at the same time “Be flexible, sometimes the trains are packed sometimes the train is running late – we will go on living.” It is amazing to me that I can be comfortable with the CTA running late and not with Joslyn just needing more time of mine. Just one more push on the swing, one more reading of her favorite Eric Carle book, one more hug, just 5 minutes more nap before she is going to move. She is the one who beckons to me “Be flexible and it is important to take all the time you need.” She is worth it; and her smile can get me through – like I hope my comfortableness with trains and buses transferred to DOOR participants.
DOOR jars people – often we hear “you scheduled to much free time” but folks don’t realize until the end of the week that we need that down time in order to allow for processing and reflection. Joslyn has shown me – basically every time the two of us are together – that I need to slow down. Joslyn and I have spent weekdays together that I try to still work and care for her. There was the trip to Ikea that I don’t have fond memories of because I wasn’t on Joslyn time, I was on Krista adult working time. The more time I spend with Joslyn the more I enjoy taking a step down from busy to Joslyn time. Taking the time to see the world through a 3 year old is worth a million minutes. DOOR participants sometimes ask to be so busy that they can rush in and out of the city – seeing only what they want to see rather than taking the time to see the city through urban people’s eyes. Joslyn has taught me the importance of taking the time to do that.
At its best, DOOR not only serves as a learning experience, but a changing experience. Hopefully, each week people really do “See the face of God in the City.” And even more hopefully, interacting with God in the city changes how one understands faith and God. When participants meet the person that they won’t forget, or see a ministry that profoundly moves them, or when a Thursday night reflection becomes a faith milestone – they have met God anew. I meet God in Joslyn. She tells me “how cool” when she sees an animal at the zoo that excites her, I see God’s care of creation In her excitement to see me, I see God’s love. In the shaking laughing child when she sees her mom and dad, I can understand the joy of God. In her budding patience and politeness, I see God’s heart. Just like many DOOR participants, my faith has been changed.
May the work of DOOR continue to be educational and life changing just as much as spending time with Joslyn has educated and changed me.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I have to confess. Maybe it isn't a confession if people already know, but I don't fold and I hate to hang my laundry. I don't mind actually washing and drying but the afterwards is the hard part for me - and since I didn't even own an iron until Christmas this year (compare this to a childhood gift of her choosing for my sister).

When I was single, I mostly had my laundry done. It was actually cost effective as well as time effective - plus they fold everything nice and neat - it looks like I iron. Once we got married, we didn't do this anymore because with two people it wasn't cost effective and I felt silly. However, with my new job and a small raise - my first thought was - maybe we should start getting our laundry done. (Maybe I am sick for not thinking about what else we could use the money.) It has been great.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A weird day

It started at 5:30 - making eggs for 40 people and almost no one ate them - choosing cereal instead. Then, rushing to go to CMLC and picking up the junior high students to go garden in a local garden - then I did an hour work in the office, and then picked the junior high up in the garden just as it started to rain. After dropping them off at the school and them sharing their favorite games on the computer, I dashed back to the office. Worked, then found a puddle of water in the middle of our apartment - called the landlord, then Jim. Worked some more, started supper, went on a conference call, then finished supper for 40 people. Found out that Obama won the nomination - Yippee. Then, washed dishes for 40 people. Called Nadia and Melissa. Came home and with Jim's help cleaned up the remaining water on the floor, got message from landlord she would come and check on it tomorrow, listened to Obama's speech and parts of Hillary's, watched a season 2 episode of Scrubs (I am trying to watch the whole series on DVD.) Then go to bed.

Cute Romantic and all about the T shirt

Especially when I am cooking for DOOR, I often grab a T shirt and run out out the DOOR. The T shirt I put onto is especially soft and well worn, but Jim's. He is fond of the band "Death Cab for Cutie" and this shirt promotes that. This happens to be a hip band that I know little about and often when I wear it for DOOR, I get asked questions about it or comments like, "What is your favorite song?" and I have no idea since I just like the shirt.

This morning after breakfast I ran back home for something and caught Jim leaving for work; he saw what I had on and while he was on the train (assumingly) he texted:
By the way, narrow stairs is the name of Death Cab's new album if anyone asks.

It just made me smile; Jim is so geekly romantic it is cute.

Monday, June 2, 2008


I tend to post just as much for me as I do for others. I have several quotes from a book, Reconcilation Blues, that I read about a month ago that I don't want to lose; so I am posting them.

People do not have to be racist or have any malicious intent - in order to make decisions that unfairly harm members of another race. They simply have to do what comes naturally." Ellis Cose

Peter reminds me of myself and others who know the gospel and preach orthodoxy in the traditionally approved manner in our churches...but deep down, like Peter, we really wish the new converts would learn to sign our songs and do ministry our way. Peter has been with Jesus and made many adjustments in word and deed over the years, but still had become the epitome of the cultural status quo. Ray Bakke

Oh, interesting, interesting

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Movies in the Park is back

For our Chicago readers (and ease for me):

Here is the link to the movies in the park series - something we love to do - go to a park and watch a movie for free almost any night of the week! Here is this year's schedule


Weekend, oh the weekend

Friday Night:

I went with Kathy to Sex in the City, the movie. I LOVED IT. I know, I know, sex in the city is so commercial and so materialistic and so not Kristaish - but what I have always liked about Sex in the City ( I watched most of the series late at night when I first moved to Chicago on WGN) is the basis of the show, the group of friends. They each have the own personalities, issues and lives but they are there for each other. In one scene of the movie, Carrie travels on New Year's Eve in NYC across town because her friend is lonely. That scene made me cry because I happen to have three girl friends who have done similar things for me; and I hope I have returned the favor in some way. I was moved to tears many times in the movie because of this friendship bond that I have that is shown well in the movie; and when Miranda (the character I most am like) says to the love of her life when he hurt her - "you don't understand how much I changed my life for you". Miranda throughout the series was the career woman all the way and when she met Steve it totally rocked her life out of what she thought it was going to be (Sound like anyone you know? You maybe reading her blog :) ) Anyways, Jim knows how much he has changed my life - he prides himself on making me less of a workie; which I have given to him and made him more of a workie! I recommend the movie.


It was a great day. After I went to Curves, Jim and I headed to the Brookfield Zoo, where Jim is a member thanks to a great Christmas gift. We went several weeks ago with Joslyn, but yesterday we covered the whole Zoo and it was a beautiful day to do so. We took lots of pictures that we haven't uploaded yet; hopefully we will get those on the blog soon. Then we did some shopping. I get a kick out of shopping almost never; but when I am in the mood watch out! Then we headed home. We cooked on the grill in our backyard and enjoyed being outdoors for supper. And watched a DVD of Good Eats that we found for $4. Good Eats is a Food Network show that is Bill Nye, the Science Guy meets food show. Jim even likes it and watched the whole DVD with me.


My back hurts - something happened yesterday that twisted my muscles the wrong way. No matter; we cleaned our closet of winter clothes and got our summer clothes out before church - I am so proud of us! We went to church and picked up our last week of meals from First Slice (we decided not to renew our subscription, as I miss cooking) and came home so I could sit with the heating pad. We watched The Savages and First Sunday and watched PBS in between.

It was a great weekend.